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More room for movement

The people behind Playparc Allwetter-Freizeit-Anlagenbau GmbH produce and market the product series NEOSPIEL®, 4FCIRCLE®, Replacement parts for children’s playground equipment and IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND®, famous throughout Germany and Europe. Our motto is “More room for movement”. Everything we develop, plan and design, is intended for us to give people the opportunity to move. Whether grown-ups or little ones, we believe that the urge to move is buried in all of us.


Anyone can tell you what we do! Any PLAYPARC employee can tell you HOW we do it, but the key question here must be WHY we do it. That’s where we should start when asked the question what or who is PLAYPARC! Our vision reflects our answer to this question:

We are courageous and versatile!

People and markets change. We have transformed ourselves from a simple manufacturer to a service-based business that makes products and recognises what, how, when and where it is needed. We have taken risks and used opportunities, while gathering plenty of experience along the way.

But this too is a part of our success story: Those who want to be successful, have to try things out and fall flat on their face before they can get up again and do it better next time.

We know the needs of our customers like no other.

People are increasingly moving less and getting more comfortable - shopping on their mobile phone, sports on a console and meeting friends online. ‘Real’ social contact and our own mobility are often completely neglected.
We are the ones with the suitable ‘tools’ and ideas for a solution. If our 200 years of experience can’t manage the task, then who will continue to succeed in inspiring people to play and exercise in the great outdoors?

Exactly: nobody!

We are pioneers.

For over 40 years, new ideas have led us to develop our own play and exercise spaces, in which tens of thousands of children play in today, young people hang out, and adults find worthwhile places for physical activity. They are delighted at the fruits of our labour day in day out.
Many youngsters have ‘grown up’ with us. That gives us a warm feeling of which we are proud.

We have more than 200 years of experience.

The ‘PLAYPARC’ family has gathered a total of more than 200 years of experience which is just waiting to be used every day. Every member contributes to the success of the company with their knowledge, experience and personality.

We have a lot to do.

Our experience, ideas and the nature of each person are what we value the most at PLAYPARC.
On the path to the future of public spaces, we mustn’t forget to invite the people around us on our journey and to take them with us! With the right technology and a mixture of courage, pragmatism and motivation we are unrivalled both now and in the future.



We consider ourselves to be a co-operative, trustworthy and loyal partner who deals with his employees, customers and suppliers in an equally fair and honest manner. We are always guided by ethical values and act according to the principles of the ‘honourable merchant’.

Highly responsible

We demonstrate social and ecological responsibility by carefully considering our environment and the common good when making business decisions. We use wood from sustainably managed forests. Environmental protection is anchored deep in our company philosophy. We create environmentally-friendly products. In addition, we use ecologically sound manufacturing processes.


As a medium-size, family-owned business it is important that we respect and appreciate one another. Through flat hierarchies and the involvement of our employees in our company, we motivate and encourage our workers to enjoy their daily challenges. We create a worthwhile place to work.


We are aware of our responsibility. Through fair pay and targeted expertise, our ability to provide secure employment and an increased quality of life has stood the test of time.

Safety enthusiasts

The safety of our little and bigger customers is our priority. To that end, we create our innovative children’s play equipment and sports equipment to the latest safety standards. We produce extremely durable, incredibly sturdy and longlasting constructions. Our products are regularly subjected to testing and certification. Additional safety controls are also performed regularly. Our production plants are regularly checked by TÜV.

Close to home

Since 1979, we have consciously made the decision to manufacture our play equipment in the Höxter region. Over 90% of materials used are sourced from Germany.

Memberships and standardisation

We are members of the German association for playground equipment and leisure system manufacturers (Bundesverband der Spielplatzgeräte und Freizeitanlagen-Hersteller e.V.). Manufacturers of playground equipment, material for protective surfacing, installation companies and testing institutes have joined the organisation. We are a sustaining member of the Austrian association for builders of playgrounds (Spielplatzbauerverband) and have also been a member of IAKS, the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities, since autumn 2014.

DIN and CEN (Deutsches Institut für Normung and Commitee European de Normanization)

Over the past number of years, have been heavily involved in the standardisation of safety standards for our product collections, an activity which brings us a great deal of pleasure. We are active in the standardisation of skating (DIN-EN 14974), playground equipment (DIN-EN 1176) and location-based outdoor fitness equipment (DIN-EN16630).

BSFH's seal of quality

Since 27.03.2019 PLAYPARC is decorated with the seal of quality by the german association of playground equipment and leisure facilities (BSFH).

BSFH's seal of quality is a brand new award which is awarded to selected companies only.

High quality, usage of sustainable and german resources and guaranteed savety of our products are the number one priority of PLAYPARC.

BSFH's seal of quality validated this for us.


Read more about BSFH's seal of quality here.


PLAYPARC is a member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and has been working actively and with great pleasure for 30 years on the standardization of the playground equipment standard (DIN-EN 1176) but also in the field of "site-specific outdoor fitness equipment" (DIN-EN16630).

You can find more information about the German Institute for Standardization e.V. here.


Our international presence

We are also represented in different European countries, so can be sure of professional, reliable consulting in countries other than Germany. Simply contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our partners.


Below you will find a brief outline of the development of playparc GmbH:

    • 1979 NEOSPIEL© GmbH was founded
    • 1985 Relocated from our first office in Kassel to Willebadessen/Borlinghausen
    • 1987 Built the first public skateboard park
    • 1989 PLAYPARC GmbH was established as a sales and development company for skate equipment
    • 1998 PLAYPARC GmbH took over the business activities of NEOSPIEL© GmbH
    • 2002 first 4FCIRCLE© is built in Munich
    • 2004 First PLAYGARDEN catalogue with play equipment for private gardens
    • 2004 Production moves to Willebadessen
    • 2007 First spareparts catalogue suitable for all manufacturers
    • 2008 The production site in Willebadessen is extended
    • 2012 Complete redesign of PLAYPARC presence
    • 2013 Exclusive distribution of IMAGINATION PLAYGROUND
    • 2017 The company moves to Bad Driburg/Siebenstern and all of the production facilities are amalgamated in one location