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Calisthenics workshop Hanover

We offer regular workshops with trained calisthenics coaches in your city too.

Tour of IKEA Faro

Project in Faro, Portugal: Former playground in front of IKEA shopping centre.

In autumn 2017, the largest shopping centre on the Algarve opened in Faro, Portugal. Together with a Spanish architect agency, PLAYPARC developed a truly special playground. Here, different age groups can play and take on age-appropriate challenges, giving free rein to their urge to move. The design plays with natural materials and water. The design was based on a mountainous and cavernous area.

NEOSPIEL equipment in Sibiu, Romania

In 2007, when it became the European city of culture, the Romanian city of Sibiu began to renovate all of the city’s playgrounds, one after the other, and to equip them with NEOSPIEL playground equipment.
An article in Bonn-based specialist magazine P@L has described the process in detail.
The specialist magazine P@L (Playground@Landscape) offers the option to read the entire edition here.