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BSFH and P@L Forum at FSB

The BSFH cannot miss the international industry get-together - moreover, the BSFH has organised some interesting lectures.

The BSFH and P@L are organising two packed days at the FSB trade fair with talks by various experts from the industry.

Wednesday, 25.10.2023 will revolve around the topic of "Playground Planning".

Programme for Wednesday, 25.10.2023:

  • 11:00: Schoolyard design in Leverkusen - from the pupils' point of view, Yvonne Göckemeyer (Landscape architect bdla, Plan-Blatt).
  • 11:30: Redesign of the water playground in the Inner Green Belt of the City of Cologne, Axel Schütze (Dipl. Ing., Landschaftsarchitekturbüro Axel Schütze)
  • 12:00: Skatepark in a Box at Kölnberg, Ralf Maier (Dipl.-Ing. (FH), maier landschaftsarchitektur)
  • 12:30: Breathtaking climbing landscape at Rathenauplatz (Cologne), Rainer Kronenberg (Dipl. Ing., Landschaftsarchitekturbüro Kronenberg)
  • 13:00: Far beyond Cologne: the 1st German Playground Day of the BSFH, Johannes Maier (BSFH/eurotramp)
  • 13:30: Architects and educators: planning play and movement spaces at the City of Cologne, Heike Malcoiffe, Christina Scheidemantel, Thomas Gruner (City of Cologne)
  • 14:15: Sustainability in the BSFH association, Fabian Lorenz (BSFH/Spiel Bau GmbH)
  • 14:30: Lighthouse project Reuterpark in Bonn - a place for all, Stefan Günther (Head of the Sports and Baths Office of the City of Bonn)
  • 15:00: "Dinopark - a natural exercise facility in Dortmund city centre", Daniel Binder, Youth Welfare Office Dortmund

Thursday afternoon, 26.10.2023, manufacturers and experts will address the issue of "Safety in play and sports equipment".

Programme for Thursday, 26.10.2023:

  • 15:00: Safety for roller sports enthusiasts, Andreas Bast (X-MOVE GmbH).
  • 15:30: Safety requirements for rope play equipment, Frederik Thürling (Berliner Seilfabrik GmbH & Co.)
  • 16:00: News from the field, Friedrich Blume (Expert office for playgrounds)
  • 17:00: How do you test the safety of fall protection flooring on playgrounds? Dennis Frank (ISP GmbH)