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Corona pandemic shows: play and exercise areas are indispensable

New press release from BSFH e.V. - the German Federal Association of Playground Equipment and Leisure Facility Manufacturers

BSFH publishes press release with reference to the Corona crisis

The Federal Association of Playground Equipment and Leisure Facility Manufacturers (BSFH) has published a press release on the importance of municipal open spaces for play and movement against the background of the Corona crisis.
In it, the association emphasises the important function of such areas for health as well as for the physical, mental and social development of the population and therefore demands that financing and support must also be secured in the coming years. Particularly in times when people have to do without a large number of sports and leisure facilities, it is important that they have an infrastructure that activates movement and is child-friendly, close to their homes. Exercise through play and sport is a preventive measure that promotes the health development of each individual and at the same time brings joy of life.

Tilo Eichinger, Chairman of the industry association, says: "For the youngest in our society in particular, playing, whether alone or in a group, is a decisive factor for their own development, e.g. in motor skills, language acquisition and social competence. The Corona crisis has shown that play and exercise areas outdoors in particular present only a low risk of infection and therefore have a clear advantage over indoor facilities. For this reason, a municipal infrastructure should have a large number of such outdoor areas so that as many citizens as possible can engage in physical activity or pursue the desire to play near their homes. Public play and exercise areas have a high social value and even offer many advantages from an ecological and urban planning point of view.

The BSFH demands that an infrastructure that is conducive to play and exercise should not be impaired by the effects of the Corona crisis and that future investments in this area should be maintained. The expected municipal financial crisis and the resulting reduced budgets must not lead to a decimation of such socially and health-related facilities. The municipalities should receive appropriate support from the federal and state governments to ensure an infrastructure that is easy to play and move around in.

Download the BSFH press release