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FRISIA - Balancing Revolution

Promotion until end of december 2019

FRISIA is the new  balancing system from PLAYPARCfor children between 4 and 10 years. It is perfectly designed for schoolyards and public playgrounds.

An exciting mixture of various balancing and bridgeinnovations offers enough opportunities for a playful kind of training of motoric and balancing skills. The different difficulties offer rising challenges. There are 5 different combinaitons whch offer a lot of fun on a small space.

Take advantage of the FRISIA-introduction weeks. Orders which are coming to PLAYPARC before 31. december 2019 are discounted by 28% compared to the price list price. More informations here:   FRISIA.PLAYPARC.DE

FRISIA-Kombination A

FRISIA- Balancierkombination A

FRISIA-Kombination A