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Winning tickets drawn for the PLAYPARC riddle competition @ FSB

The winner of the main prize of the PLAYPARC puzzle competition at FSB 2023 ist Mrs D. Osthaus' entry card, which was drawn from the ticket box.
Mrs Osthaus is very pleased to have won the ETOLIS® FABULA playhouse and will donate it to a good cause. We will report back.
The prizes 5-2 (mobile phone speaker/stand and drinking bottle) were won by Mrs. M. Prenger, Mr. J. Meinerz, Mrs. D. Kabus and Mrs. S. Mossal-Wagner. 
We congratulate all winners and thank all participants for taking part.
We were very pleased with your visit to our stand and your interest in our products. 
We look forward to meeting you again soon - at the next FSB in 2025 at the latest or perhaps already at the specialist seminar "Movement in the City".