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"“Brilliant equipment! I can do my performance training here!”"

Ina Himmler, Snowboard World Champion

"“As a head of a sports office, I’m pleased that we have the opportunity for a novel kind of fitness parcourse. The old sweat-inducing tracks and jogging circuits have become obsolete.”"

Rudolf Behacker, Head of Sports Office, Munich

"“It’s exactly what is needed for the sedentary lives of young and old.”"

Thomas Stangassinger, Olympic champion Ski Alpin

"“The review for the 4Fcircle system in Munich convinced us that we want to be the first community in Austria to install a 4Fcircle. We hope to set a good example so that similar systems will emerge in Austria.”"

Rupert Eder, Mayor Henndorf am Wallersee, Austria

"“In 2005, at a specialist sports conference in Munich I was already impressed by the functionality of the 4Fcircle system. I was so excited by the concept that I started to look for a sponsor and now in 2007 we are going to install the first 4Fcircle in Switzerland in my home town of Münchenbuchsee.”"

Alfred Gerber, Sports Office, Thun, Switzerland

"“I really look forward to replacing the old jogging circuits in Munich with these new structures that live up to new, modern knowledge gained from sports science! Many of Munich’s inhabitants enjoy playing sports - but not necessarily in a club with fixed hours - rather they want to do it outdoors whenever they feel like it.”"

Dr. Gertraud Burkert, former Sports Mayoress of Munich city

"“Following up on a suggestion by the university sports department, two TRIMMFIT parcourses have been installed, one in Essen campus and one in Duisburg campus, and are now available at all times for all members of the university to use during short or longer exercise breaks. The first step has been taken to put physical activity firmly in the daily lives of students and lecturers, as well as many other employees - as has long been the case to an even greater extent in British and American universities.”"

J. Schmagold, Head of University Sports, Duisburg University, 2011

"“It gives people that don’t want to spend money on fitness and sport a chance to be coaxed out of their houses. Generally, people don’t have many inhibitions when it comes to using the equipment.”"

Ingo Froböse, Head of the Centre for Health at the German Sports University in Cologne, Die Welt on 29 May 2010 on the TRIMMFIT device

"“...we at Fitness First were looking for a professional partner to install fitness equipment in the outdoor areas of some of our large studios. We opted for 4Fcircle as its an equipment system which is suitable for users with any level of fitness. Both our new, less experienced members and our fitter visitors can find options to workout in the open air."

Alexander Paul, Fixture, Furniture & Equipment Manager of Fitness First Germany GmbH

"“For us, 4Fcircle has been the ideal partner for the installation of our Müller® ‘Trimm Dich’ parcourse in German cities: professional advice, reliable execution, and a partnership based on excellent customer service. 4Fcircle was also the perfect consultant when it came to extending our ‘Trimm Dich’ campaign to preschools by providing good ideas and inspiration to equip German preschools with Trimmy exercise parcourses and to making them Trimmy Kindergärten®.”"

Anja Meisel, Head of Public Relations + Internet, Alois Müller GmbH & Co. KG dairy

"“The new generation park makes a wonderful contribution to the leisure time of young and old. I’m excited to see how popular the fitness equipment developed by Playparc is amongst the local population. It has proven to be a worthwhile, sustainable and future-oriented investment."

Michael Stickeln, Mayor of Warburg/Westphalia