Trampoline 2000 MINI
Trampoline 2000 MINI
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Trampoline 2000 MINI

surface mount

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  • Dimensions: 1,75 x 1,75 x 0,30
  • Total height: 0,30 m
  • Free fall height: 1,00 m
  • Falling area (M): 4,10 x 4,10 m
  • Age group: 3 and older

There is no doubt about it: trampolines are one of the best-selling products in all playgrounds! The stimulating character is enormously high and that in all age groups. You experience a moment of weightlessness and thus also experience the central meaning of gravity. On a trampoline you can physically feel it. Besides these physical experiences, the trampoline is also simply fun.

The jumping mat is made of recycled plastic and is extremely durable. The mat is non-flammable and water-permeable. The strong springs to which the jumping mat is attached are very stable and hot-dip galvanised. Jumping children are protected from too much impact by fall protection plates on the edge. This robust trampoline, which is designed for permanent outdoor use, ensures lots of fun.

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