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Plate Carousel highly

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"LUUPZ® - go rounds"" are children's carousels that bring maximum vitality and energy to the playground with minimal space requirements. On the child-friendly sized carousels, children playfully test, use and expand their body knowledge - for example by the funny pirouette effect. The simple geometric bodies are available in different materials (wood, stainless steel, HPL or EPDM in various colors) depending on the model. Due to the variety of colors and shapes, suitable LUUPZ® carousels can be found for every playground design to extend the play value. As stand-alone play point, for example in the city center, the small carousels exert a magical attraction on children and bring swinging fun into the city, too - without taking up much space.
LUUPZ® - go rounds are available in 2 difficulty levels. The carousels with a horizontal axis of rotation are suitable for children from about 3 years. For children from approx. 6 years of age, the 15° inclination from the ground is quite ""sloping"". For children from the age of approx. 6 years, the 15° inclination from the floor is then quite ""sloping"". Thanks to the inclination, it is possible to get the carousel going just by your own body swing, which trains coordination, motor skills and sense of balance in a playful way.

The following body / surface materials are available:

  • Outdoor HPL with dimpled surface - grey (High Pressure Laminate)
  • EPDM (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Black)
  • V2A Stainless Steel with tear drop plate
  • Stainless steel frame / Glass bead blasted
  • Maintenance-free fully encapsulated steel ball bearing - durable and vandal-proof

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