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Professional athletes are constantly practicing this. With targeted exercises they strengthen the entire musculature of the body under their own power, which becomes visible in aesthetically shaped body proportions. This form of physical training has become very well established over the last 8 years. Calisthenics moves away from the isolated machine exercises in fitness centres. It focuses on the work and strength with your own body weight and enables a whole body training without great technical effort! These are very gymnastic strength and body exercises, which are performed with the own body weight and partly with additional weights. It is possible to use predetermined structures outdoors for this purpose; however, training on equipment specially designed for calisthenics (also known as street workout) is simpler and more targeted.PLAYPARC calisthenics facilities meet all the necessary safety standards and fulfil the wishes of the users: dimensions, tube diameters, tube surfaces, distances and even basic materials can be adapted on request. In addition to the extremely successful Calistehnics standard combinations, these can also always be individually adapted. Calistehnics systems Made in Germany. Planning and material quality in the standard as well as in the customised area.

Art-No. 1204041

4FCIRCLE® Station Step

of concrete with stainless steel edge

Delivery Time 4 - 5 Wochen