ready to move Park L
ready to move Park L
ready to move Park L
ready to move Park L
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Art-No. 1220302

ready to move Park L

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  • Dimensions: 450 m²

ready to move designed by TraceSpace is a real game changer in the world of parkour parks and exercise spaces. Thanks to the modular construction method and the use of prefabricated components, we can turn turnkey concepts into reality in the shortest possible construction time.

Concrete 1x Parkour trapezoid-wall large 1x Parkour trapezoid-wall medium 1x Parkour crosswall gripcut large 1x Parkour crosswall inclined 1x Parkour kickwall inclined wide 1x Parkour passementwall large cutout 1x Parkour passementwall medium cutout 1x parkour passementwall small inclined 1x Parkour passementwall small 1x Parkour precisionbloc inclined 2x Parkour precisionbloc large 1x Parkour precisionbloc medium Metal 1x Parkourbar small 2x Parkourbar medium 1x Parkourbar large 1x Parkourbar right-tilted flange medium 1x Parkour bowbar small 1x Parkour bowbar medium 1x Parkour balancebar curved 1x Parkour balancebar large 1x Parkourrail small 1x Balancerail wood 1x Parkourrail slide 1x Parkourrail large 1x Parkour Swingbar inclined 1x Parkour edgescaff inclined 1x Underbarscaff right tilted flange 1x Parkour trapezoidscaff 1x Parkour scaff medium Wood 3x Parkourpost wood small 4x Parkourpost wood medium 1x Parkourpost wood large 1x Parkour Precision-Woodscaff 1x Parkour Swing-Woodscaff Findlings 8x boulder medium 3x boulder large

ready to move offers a quality and design that is unique in the industry:

  • Aesthetic and functional design
  • Planned by German parkour pioneers
  • Ideally coordinated obstacles/equipment/modules
  • Multi-perspective design
  • Attractive for parkour, fitness, fun & games
  • Surfaces specially developed for parkour in concrete & steel
  • Steel with outstanding quality
  • Customised design options according to customer requirements