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Youngsters must have the chance to explore and discover their environment and everything in it. Without trying to steer them on a certain course, they must establish boundaries, spot horizons and enter uncharted territory. Our NEOSPIEL® collection has allowed us to develop the equipment required for that purpose. Little ones need activity play equipment, opportunities for role play, relaxation rooms, and spaces to create experiences and designs.

For more than 40 years, we have conceived of and produced playground equipment. A wealth of experience from which you and your children benefit. We use our products, ideas and concepts to create a tangible environment in which people, big and small alike, can play.


PLAYPARC equipment complies with the latest safety standards and is certified safe. As you can expect, we strictly adhere to the relevant legal requirements and standards. In Germany and Europe, we actively participate in the development of norms for children’s playground equipment (DIN-EN 1176) and fitness equipment (DIN-EN 16630) respectively.

  • Own metal and wood plant in Bad Driburg/Siebenstern
  • Member of DIN and EN committees
  • Family-owned business
  • Continuous quality and safety control

Preschools and daycare centres are like a second home to many children. Firstly, children must feel comfortable there and discover a space for play and physical activity that gives them the opportunity for free and creative play.

The outdoor play area is of particular importance here as it allows for free and unrestrained play. Its design is particularly challenging and, in our opinion, it should successfully mix a space to experience nature with play elements that offer children the opportunity to play freely. Equipment belongs in the mix, as it enhances the experience and forms of physical activity. With that in mind, the QUBRIC equipment series features a formless design to enable the littlest ones to have play as freely as possible, while also inspiring ideas for play. We’d be delighted to help you design your outdoor area.

How inclusion works

All the fun despite physical limitations - accessible play (inclusion) brings children together at school and connects them through mutual play, romping and physical activity.

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