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Our solutions forPhysical activity for senior citizens

4FCIRCLE® - exercise concept

Keeping yourself fit is as natural as eating and drinking - and should be just as fun. Physical activity is twice as important in old age. 4FCIRCLE® meets this need: we want to have our customers in mind. Today, we no longer want to train in the forest, but in the middle of the city. On streets and squares, in city parks and leisure centres, people get their daily exercise fix. 4FCIRCLE® is always available, open 24/7, tempting you to try it out and its different parts are so motivational it encourages you to workout regularly. 4FCIRCLE® is intergenerational, for both young and old. Everyone can train at their own pace and difficulty level and can, therefore, control how fit they are in old age.

Exercise keeps you healthy

The average life expectancy of people in Germany increased more than twofold in the past 130 years. Exercise is important to ensure these extra years of life are spent in as good health as possible. Only 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week is more effective at reducing blood sugar levels than medication. People who are physically active (20 minutes per day/2.5 hours per week) have a 25 percent less chance of losing their independence in daily life. Without physical activity, old age is a sorry state of affairs: Between 20 and 70 years of age, a person loses 20 to 40 percent of their muscle mass. After a person turns 30, their stamina reduces by up to 15 percent - if nothing is done about it. Adequate exercise also strengthens bone structure, the benefits of which include protecting against dangerous falls and breaks. Muscles and joints need movement to keep people strong and flexible, even into old age.


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