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Children are spending more and more time at school. As you would expect, children in primary and secondary schools need to exercise and communicate during break time. The schoolyard is of tremendous importance here. It not only offers a place for breaks but more importantly, it is a space to move and to meet.

A lot has been done in recent years for the design and redesign of schoolyards. Above all, the knowledge that physical activity prior to lessons and during breaks enhances the ability to concentrate has grown. PLAYPARC can help you to redesign your schoolyard to make it worthwhile and appropriate to different target groups, without forgetting to keep costs and work in mind.


PLAYPARC equipment complies with the latest safety standards and is certified safe. As you can expect, we strictly adhere to the relevant legal requirements and standards. In Germany and Europe, we actively participate in the development of norms for children’s playground equipment (DIN-EN 1176) and fitness equipment (DIN-EN 16630) respectively.

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Learn and movement

Children want to move, physical activity is a basic need for them. During the first few school classes, in particular, most children find it difficult to complete schoolwork, adhere to rules, put their own needs aside, control impulsive behaviour, concentrate, and spend a long time working on one task. In P.E. class, it is often the case that enough time isn’t allocated to purely physical activity and for other reasons, break times are seldom used for romping and playing. Despite all that, schoolyards should have as many facilities for exercise as possible. Physical activity encourages balance and restores our ability to work and concentrate. Exercise can create opportunities for conversations and accompany them, initiate social processes and support cognitive prosses while emphasising the integrative nature of movement, play and sports. Finally, more exercise at school can improve the atmosphere in the classroom, interactions between pupils and teachers, thereby improving the health of teachers too.

How inclusion works

All the fun despite physical limitations - accessible play (inclusion) brings children together at school and connects them through mutual play, romping and physical activity.

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